Twitter Advertising Friendly “Brand Pages”

Twitter is the top rated online information sharing social media site worldwide. However, despite its popularity, Twitter has been criticized for not being the platform of marketers to the extent of its true potential. Marketers asked for more improved Twitter advertising opportunity through branded pages and that is exactly what they got.

Branded pages come with a completely new layout and additional tools but the most notable and highly talked about feature is the way branded pages lets marketers present themselves and their products or marketing campaign on Twitter.

Twitter joined the likes of Facebook and Google by launching its brand pages which is in response to the challenge imposed by web marketers. On average, users spend around an average of 5.7 hours in a month on social networking sites like Twitter. Twitter users also tweet about TV shows most and social media is considered to be more effective than TV marketing. Twitter knows this and will be taking full advantage of it by bringing its brand page with easy and friendly features in order to attract marketers to build a solid foundation for Twitter advertising.

The brand pages will take Twitter advertising to a whole new level. There is no 140 character tweet limit anymore and the Twitter profile lets you personalize and customize your profile. It lets users and marketers arrange the order of the tweets, photos and other details. One of the plus points of the new brand pages is the opportunity to put a header image where advertisers can display their logo on the profile page and a tweet at the top of the page with no word length limitation.

The objective of Twitter’s brand pages is to make its use simpler, easier, and personal while giving users and marketers alike, the choice to customize their profile page and highlight tweets and photos or videos.

However, only a limited number of companies have access to its features as of the moment. These companies include (in alphabetical order) American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, General Electric (GE), Heineken, Hewlett-Packed (HP), Intel, JetBlue, Kia, McDonald’s Nike, NYSE Euronext, Paramount Pictures, PepsiCo, Staples, Subway, and Verizon Communications Wireless. Disney is using brand pages to promote its new movie- ‘Brave’. Other companies will be included in its branded pages program soon.

In the fall of 2011, eMarketer has previously estimated that Twitter’s ad revenue would reach $400 million by 2013 and that was with its ad model and not the upgraded model to brand pages which will surely increase the revenue by a long shot.

Twitter advertisers will also be looking forward to Twitter’s self-serve ad product which will be made available early next year. However, Twitter hasn’t mentioned whether it will be made available to everyone or just its 2400 advertising partners.

Twitter will be using its brand pages to challenge Facebook as the most popular destination for marketers and companies. Facebook has indeed set the bar for other social media sites that are trying to draw in marketers. Has Twitter advertising changes done enough to challenge Facebook? Only time will tell.

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