Twitter Anonymous: Drug Cartel Disclosure Fails

The hacking group, Anonymous, said they were going to release personal details such as names, addresses, websites, and other leaks about the Zeta Mexican drug cartel if they won’t release the “hactivist” that they had kidnapped.  The set a date for the kidnappers to release the abducted was supposed to be last November 5th.  However, I suppose the threat was not taken seriously or they were just some kind of an attention grabbing anonymous tweet to add twitter followers to their accounts. They were not really anonymous since they go by the twitter handle of @anonhispano and @IberoAnon. They were just members of the so called Anonymous. Maybe it is because of the name they assumed that made their demands a bit on the vague side, especially owing that they are a secret society. The truth of the matter is that the two have stopped their threats of disclosure for fear that the drug cartels will start hurting innocent people instead. Is that believable to you or they don’t have the information they originally claimed they possess?

Anonymous is famous online at present and their messages are all over social media, even big news agencies have picked their story up. Everyone was looking forward to this information, especially the media and government agencies.  However, they are bound to be disappointed. In another plan they had that is the most disappointing of all is their threat to “shut down” Facebook.  A lot of people were actually looking forward to that. But sorry for them, it seems like Facebook is pretty hard to pull down

So really, who are the Anonymous? Do you want to be one of them? It’s pretty simple: just stick an @anon in front of or after your Twitter name for sure you will add twitter followers. They use Twitter and Youtube to spread their messages but apparently they hate the guts Facebook.  You will not see Anonymous on Facebook because of the privacy they relinquish while using their free services.  It is hard to believe that Twitter is a much safer social media medium.  With twitter you have two choices, make it public or make it private.  Unlike with Facebook you can publicize to whomever you wish or not.  So the fact that Anonymous is on twitter is a bit perplexing, especially since Twitter claimed they were going to shut down all accounts believed to be Anonymous. Then again that never happened.  If you search Twitter for #anon you will find hundreds of these cyber activists as well as many requests for help.

Anonymous is like a modern virtual Robin Hood.  That explains all of the requests for their help on Twitter.  Parents have tweeted for #anon to help find their missing children and animal rights group have called on them to find people who demonstrated heinous acts of animal abuse.  Anonymous is also notorious for leaking ground breaking information.  When the housing market started to collapse, it was Anonymous that hacked emails from Bank of America and let the world know that they were performing fraudulent foreclosures. There have been many arrests all over the world of Anonymous members.  When PayPal and other merchants decided to shut out Wiki leaks from accepting payments, DdoS attacks were successfully performed on these companies from a 16 year old Dutch boy.  Obviously, he did not act alone as hundreds or possibly thousands of computers were involved in the attacks. However, this young lad was nicked for it.

Twitter and @anon go together like LOL and kitty cats.  Right now tweeters are arranging a Guy Faulks day in support of and to encourage the Anonymous collective.  You can check it out #anon or if you just want to add twitter followers, simply change your twitter handle as suggested.

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