Twitter Applications To Use to Increase Followers On Twitter

Ever wondered the amount of time people invests in the quest for the best Twitter apps that they want their repertoire? The time is enormous. That is why there is a need to enlighten everyone with the best and the most useful Twitter applications doing the rounds. These are briefly explained below, including how you can use them to get more followers or increase followers on Twitter.

A gentle reminder about the perceptive nature of these recommendations and reviews of the applications listed below. These reviews can wary from person to person but this has been an effort to provide the best possible list of applications.

1. PicoBuzz—this one is a really funky application and as the name suggests, it collects the data of tweets being tweeted and provide this list to its user.

2. Twi8r—this application comes in handy when you are in a need to translate shorthand or a stenographic text to English and performs the same function the other way round as well.

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3. Madtwitter—this is a sort of notification alert provider. It is very useful as it would suddenly pop up from the bottom right of your desktop when there is a tweet being posted. It also has an option of opening the box for you to write a tweet.

4. Tweetwhatyoueat—another innovative and pretty helpful application. It is a virtual food itinerary and a food guide. This will remind you what to eat and helps you tweet about your meals.

5. Flotzam—is a multi-functional, multipurpose and multi-dimensional application designed to create a balance between all your latest updates and notifications on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, blogs, etc. It will help you get more followers from various sites.

6. @trackthis—this application is one of the most valuable to increase followers on Twitter. It actually tells you the exact location of the sender that has to reach you from somewhere. It can track and then tweet back to you with the desired results.

7. Twitthis—this one is surely up for grabs as this is the best way to advertise a web page. There is an option of using this application on a webpage of yours, an application known as the Tinyurl will convert the http content of your site into a smaller and a descriptive address. This smaller URL can then be distributed to friends and friends of friends through tweets made on Twitter.

8. Twiiterholic—Enables you to rate the Twitter user through its pre-defined algorithms and is a famous application among the users.

9. Twiends—another one of those handy applications that helps you find friends on Twitter that share same interests with you and live in the same country as you do.

10.  Twitpic—an important application to have. This one helps you to share and upload pictures of your likings and creation onto the Twitter website.

These applications can surely help you get more followers. To increase followers on Twitter, you just need to know how to utilize these apps for your best interest.

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