Twitter Fake Accounts: Are You Sure You Are Following The Real One?

We all know that Twitter is the dwelling place of most celebrities. In fact, this is the common place of refuge for obsessed fans to connect with their idols and be updated about their lives. Twitter has now 100 million users and this includes well-known people from government, celebrities and common individuals and people with great thoughts.

Inevitably, there are several fake twitter accounts yet they earn several followers. Some consider them good while others feel bad for them. Here is some best fake twitter accounts you shouldn’t miss and their best tweet.

1. @darthvader

“Saw X-Men: First Class. Meh. Can’t stand prequels that retcon perfectly good plot lines”

Don’t be intimidated, he is not the real deal, especially when you are loyal to the official Star Wars Twitter Account , of Darth Vader, but this account is considered as best on twitter.

2. @Queen_UK

“Just once, can’t they play some Queen?”


After the royal wedding, there is sprouting number of fake royal twitter accounts and this account is one that amuses the public. In fact, there is another fake royal account which is William_HRH. Yes, it is through the Queen Elizabeth has a social network account, but with total restriction with it comes to accessing.

3. @falseSteveJobs

“I may not be following you on Twitter, but if you have an iPhone…

Don’t worry he is not the real Apple guy. His former name was @ceoSteveJobs. The FalseSteveJobs account always provides satirical commentary on the latest Apple news.

4. @BronxZoosCobra

“Of course! I’ll just use the Jedi mind trick to escape. “I am not the snake you’re looking for.” # maythe4thbewithyou

When this account gets available on twitter the public becomes very eager on its tweets.

5. @FakeAPStylebook

“Thorough research is the key to quality reporting. Read the ENTIRE Wikipedia article before writing your story.”

For all grammar nerds and word buffs out there you will surely appreciate FakeAPStylebook twitter account.

6. @Lord_Voldemort7

“#BigMistake Killing Cedric Diggory. If I only knew he’d be resurrected as Edward Cullen”

A quote from fake Voldemort, of course the Harry Potter Dark Lord doesn’t exist physically.  He is just a fictional creation on J.K. Rowling book series Happy Potter. Don’t get scared with this account he won’t give you a spell.

7. @God_Damn _Batman

“Second best part of having a broken TV is that Robin couldn’t see the American Idol finale. Best part? The look on his face when I broke it.”

A tweet from the fake Dark Knight superstar. Guys do not change your perspective on Batman after all this is not him.

It is funny to know that most people only used famous stars names as a trick how to get lot of twitter followers. However, they succeed. This type of practice is made for several reasons some made it for fun yet some made it to damage once reputation. Now, that you know that there are lots of fake twitter accounts, be careful in searching for people you want to follow.

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