Twitter Launches New Site About How 140 Letters Changed Lives

The famous little micro-blogging site has launched another mini site that shares tweets portraying life changing events.  It’s the so-called twitter stories and to be honest, it’s really lame.  There are only around 12 Twitter stories and only two of them really mean anything.  The first tweet from space was cool, and the guy that tweeted he needed a kidney restored my faith in humanity for 12 seconds, but only people that wants to get followers on Twitter or are fans of Oprah will be interested in this.  In other words, a tweet about how a sandwich fed a trillion ants is not that profound.  Anyway, this new site allows for anyone to send in their past life-altering tweets. If Twitter feels it deserves recognition, they will publish them.

On Twitter’s blog they say that this is the first of a “series” of Twitter stories.  That implies, it will not be around for that long because a series has to end at some point.  But on the other hand, it may continue because they are still making “National Lampoon” movies.

 They launched the page 8 days ago and followers have to wait a whole month before they update 12 more 140 character “stories” before series 2 comes out.  If we do the math, Twitter will take 720 hours before they can publish another 1,680 letters on their new page.  That is only 2.3 letters per day!  To be fair, I’m sure they will have millions of tweets that were able to change the lives of people.

It is easy to send in your epic tweet.  All you have to do is @twitterstories and make sure you have some sort of illustration to go along with it.  It can be a photo, video, or just a finger painting.  Do not be surprised if you do not hear back though.  Twitter only updates their own status on an average of once a week and last month only twice.  In Facebook time that’s like two epoch’s and three extinctions.  Also @twitter is only following 7 people and all of them work there.  Not to compare it to Facebook again, but once you sign up on Facebook, Zuckerberg puts himself on your friendslist. It is pretty cool to have a billionaire barely out of puberty on your friendslist.

To conclude this review, launching a site to publish past tweets just seems a bit lazy.  The site likely only took 20 minutes to develop and they didn’t even have to go around finding content, it came to them. If twitter wants to do something really amazing, they need to think outside of their basements.

@twitter Why don’t you launch a site where only 50 characters can be published?  At least it will get followers on Twitter unlike this Lifetime Channel you came up with.

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