Twitter Marketing Bloopers That Must Be Avoided

When it comes to Twitter marketing¸ brands have been making effort to reach out to more consumers.  Some of them even opt to buy followers, just to gain the competitive advantage.  However, their marketing strategy has hindered them from achieving the full potential of Twitter for their marketing because of several mistakes in their approaches.

Here are some of the bloopers that must be avoided in Twitter marketing:

1.  Spams and more spams

Brands with unsolicited bulk advertisements is something that Twitter followers will surely want to avoid.  Though there are times that in Twitter marketing you need to tweet a particular post a couple of times since people are of different time zones. Still, brands can limit the number of times they are posted.  Another way of doing it is to rephrase the tweet to make it appear different even when they have the same message.

2. Absolute advertisement and no socialization

Twitter is a social media and not an advertising media.  Therefore, tweeting messages that are obviously in a hard selling approach are often avoided.  Not only will it drive away potential followers but also it can also cause you to lose your existing followers.  After all, some of these marketing tweets may be considered spam. To prevent this, you might as well focus on more interaction with consumers hence, making subtle marketing approaches that will make them feel that you are there to help them find solutions to problems and not sound like you are merely selling products.

3. Too many messages that everyone can see

Some twitter followers are not aware that there are private messages.  Failure to make one will make all messages directed to everyone.  And as the conversation goes deeper, it will end up making too many messages for everyone to see.  Therefore, it is important that if you want to talk about stuff in private, send it through private messages or direct messages as it is called in Twitter.

4. Wrong Timing for Tweeting

One of the failures that brands make is when they make their tweets on times that there are no audiences.  Though some followers may still find them if they dig dipper form the past messages, the bottom line is that you tweets are wasted because they are less likely visible to them.Unless you buy followers, you won’t gain any new followers if you make this mistake.

5. Not maximizing Twitter’s full potential

Even if you buy followers, one’s success in Twitter marketing won’t be realize unless you have done the right marketing strategies necessary for growing your business.  Find better ways of engaging with followers that will prod them to respond to your brand.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can maximize one’s presence on Twitter especially when you avail of the option to buy followers.If you commit these mistakes several times in the future, you won’t be able to maximize these followers for your Twitter marketing.


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