Twitter: The Real Story Behind 140 Characters

Recent infographic shows that twitter is the fastest growing-social network. Recently, Jack Dorsey announced that twitter users reach already up to 100 million and counting. Most of twitter users are finding for the most effective way how to get a lot of followers on twitter to become sensational online. Twitter is not just an ordinary micro-blogging website it is also used for marketing and a good source of news.

Twitter had been through several challenges before they reach the ground where the company is standing right now. You probably know twitter just by now but don’t have any idea how it started. Below here are sneak peeks about how twitter was founded and the things it has been through before it becomes an internet sensation.

Here is the real history:

- An ex-Googler Evan Williams startup called Odeo- this is going to be a podcasting platform. Evan asked his ex-Googler name Biz Stone, to join him. During the launching of iTunes podcasting by Apple, which made Odeo podcasting platform irrelevant. Evan and Biz and Jack Dorsey decided to make something called twitter instead. Upon knowing this, Odeo’s investors didn’t like the proposal but Evan make it to the point to get their vote by buying back all the stock. Twitter was really implemented through an entrepreneur named Noah Glass and the history begun six years ago.

- Noah owned a product where a person can call a phone number, and it would turn into a SMS. Evan Williams is a former Google employee who was more involved with Odeo; in fact Odeo was moved from Noah’s apartment to Williams.  Williams able to acquire a new house and decided to make his apartment for good use. They started hiring employees who are Web designer names Jack Dorsey, Blaine Cook an Engineer. Evan Williams was the Odeo’s CEO that timed.

- When Apple release iTunes which happened also to be a podcasting platform, Odeo’s future becomes unclear. During that time, there were only 14 people working full-time in Odeo. Williams being the CEO told his employees to start coming up with new ideas for Odeo’s new direction because they believe that podcasting is not for them. The companies broke into a group and start making ideas.

- Jack Dorsey is considered as one of the stars of the company. His idea about messaging becomes the root of twitter.  He is known as the creator of Twitter. Dorsey’s idea was simply a system where someone can send text one number and would be broadcasted of all of his friends. During that time Evans doubted about the Twitter’s potential, and he just let Noah Glass to work the project. Noah and Jack were very excited about twitter but Evan and Biz don’t feel the same way too.

- By March 2006, Odeo had already a working prototype of Twitter and in July fortunately TechChurch covered twitter for the first time. Since then, Odeo’s employees started to get obsessed of twitter and since then twitter users started to grow.

It is quite funny to know how twitter evolved into a micro-blogging site and a famous social-networking site in our time.

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