Twitter User’s FAQ: How Do I Get More Followers on Twitter?

Twitter has now become more likable to use because of the new features that have added. The new twitter has changed to a better one and continues to change in the next few weeks. Twitter becomes more alive and new people got interested in joining Twitter.

Folks have become more curious to get thousands of followers in just a short moment that’s why “How do I get more followers on twitter?” question has been increasing in Google monthly searches recently. This article is created to share with you the reason why it increases.

Twitter Changes

  • “@Mentions” was replaced by “@username”–all the @replies will be seen on @username page as it was seen before the only changes are, you can now see when someone follows you, when your follower favorite one of your tweets, when users retweet your tweets and when someone add you on their lists.
  • “Retweets” was changed to “Activity” – on this page, you can see all the activities that you and your follower have been doing. This is quite an interesting change that twitter implemented because now you’ll know how your followers are doing just like in Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Double Activity Stream – All you can see on @username will be seen in Activity also. The only difference is that, in activity page, you can see the stream of @username more detailed with medium size images and “follow” button on those followers who followed other users which you have not followed yet.

Twitter Statistics

  • Last year, twitter has generated only 65 million tweets a day, now they deliver 200 million tweets per day. A year ago, there are 150 thousand applications registered and now, there are 1 million of them connected to twitter. Even their teams were added from 250 people last year, become 600 now.

Twitter has been a good source to get very fresh information from people who are practically anywhere. In their blog, they thanked their user from helping them with their success and inspiring them to work harder. This is the quote I get from their blog, “Thank you for everything you’ve done to help get us here and for inspiring us to work even harder. We can’t wait for you to see what we have planned to make Twitter even better.

-          As we can see on Twitter statistics, tweets have improved from 65 million to 200 million, this just show that active users in twitter have increased as well. Twitter blog mentioned that because of this growth, they will “expand Twitter’s reach with a significant round of funding led by the venture firm DST Global, with the participation of several of our existing investors.”

I bet the solution on “How do I get more followers on twitter?” was applied to several people because the increasing of twitter users has seen its proof in twitter blog’s itself. So if you want to join us in Twitter world then you are free to sign up and collect your own followers.


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