What Is The Impact Of Social Media To Job Seekers?

Twitter and other social media networks are not made just for fun. Twitter is not about finding twitter followers but also a good portal to find employment. In fact, in the recent study over 43% of Londoners are using social platform to hunt for job.

While more and more applicants are using social media to find a work, employers using social media to screen applicants are also increasing. To support this idea, here is a stat from www.mediabistro.com about job screening with social networks:

- 91% of employers said that they are using social media like Twitter and Facebook to screen prospective employees.

- During the hiring process employers use the top three social networks

Facebook (76%)

Twitter (53%)

LinkedIn (48%)

- 47% of the employers said that they used the social networks after receiving an application.

- 39% of the employers said that they rejected a candidate because of what they saw online.

What type of candidate usually rejected?

The one who:

- Posted inappropriate photos

- Posted inappropriate comments

- Posted content about them using drugs

- Posted content about them drinking

- Posted negative comments about a previous employer

- Demon-stated poor communication skills

- Made discriminatory comments

- Lied about their qualifications

- Shared confidential information from a previous employer

What type of candidate usually passes the screening?

The one who:

- Gave a positive impression about their personality and organizational fit

- Have profile supported their professional qualifications

- Have profile showed candidate was creative

- Showed solid communication skills

- Received awards and accolades

This facts show that social media networks plays a critical role in the life of both applicants and employers. This type of media is not just considered as a place for fun but also in decision-making. The reign of social media brought a great impact to marketers in looking for customers and also to companies in looking for prospect employees.

As an applicant you should make sure to clean up your profile before you pass your resume on your target company, because you never know those photos you are fond of, will hunt you down.

 If you are aiming to get a position, consider following these simply tips:

- Be cautious on the content you shared like photos, links, and video.

- Check your whole profile if it contains unnecessary information that employers might don’t like.

- Post your achievements and awards in your profile.

- Share valuable content like tutorials, educational topics, and other worth-reading stuff.

- When sharing photos, make sure to check it before uploading. Avoid sharing party pictures, nude photos, and other inappropriate images.

- When commenting on post, watch your words. Do not use indecent languages.

- Make sure that your application form matches the information you have online like your profession and work experience.

- Watch your tweets.

- Avoid joining conversation with a sensitive topic. Save your time and words for worthy post.

- Have a good profile photo, this shows your credibility.

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