Why Brands On Twitter Fail In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the way for brands to harness the potential of taking the advantage of the social network for their business.  However, some brands on Twitter sometimes fail to see some important aspects of how it is really done in such environment.

Here are some reasons why the effort for social media marketing campaign of brands on Twitter has failed and measures to avoid them:


1.  Less or no socialization at all

Social media is all about socializing.  Though marketing can be made in Twitter, socializing is still one of the most important activities that brands must do on Twitter.  To gain the popularity and earn the interest of consumers, they need to interact, discuss, create a buzz and have fun with Twitter users in order to gain more followers.

2.  Product promotion is all they can tweet

Of course, product promotion may be one of the reasons why brands on Twitter want to market themselves on Twitter.  However, having only promotional tweets could drive away existing follower as well as potential followers.  Such kind of tweets will only give the impression that you are only there to sell product and not interact with them.

3.  Ignoring inquiries from consumers

Twitter is an outlet for consumers to keep in touch with brands hence, brands on Twitter must take this opportunity to use Twitter for customer service.

4.  Refusal to accept mistakes

If ever there are mistakes done, it is better to accept it especially when they are legitimate.  Furthermore, acceptance can help bridge consumers together because it will give the impression that brands do listen to them and want only what’s best for them and gain their trust.

5.  Not giving value to followers

Brands must see to it that they their followers feel that they are important and valued.  Giving out special discounts and perks as rewards to loyal followers will help improve the consumer and brand relationship.  If followers are not given importance, they may unfollow you and lose any potential sales from them.

6.   Aiming for only personal gain

If you only aim to only gain sales while being on Twitter, you won’t be able to harness the social aspect of being in this social media.  Instead, you should take effort and time to make consumers feel that you are there for them for their needs.

7.  Products are worthless

If your products don’t even have the quality to be marketed on Twitter or any social media, then you might as well forget about marketing.  Brands must also understand that consumers want what is best for them and if your products or services won’t benefit them, and then it is a waste of time.

Knowing the right way for brands on Twitter to properly utilize the social media is very essential if they want to succeed in this media.  Therefore,

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