Why People Unfollow You On Twitter?

Most people on Twitter are obsessed with getting Twitter followers. Every now and then, you know someone on Twitter, who is busy looking for ideas how to get Twitter followers in a great number to be popular. How about thinking about those people who didn’t follow you or unfollow you on Twitter, do you think it is worthy to talk about them or not? Well, the answer is it depends on how you treasure your Twitter experience.

Paying attention to those people who unfollow you or shall we called unfollowers should be a part of any smart Twitter user. Indeed, no need to obsess over them but by simply studying their character you will know what works and what doesn’t and you can be able to pick up clues that will help you to gain more Twitter followers.

Here are more thoughts you need to know about your unfollowers

People on Twitter unfollow you all the time

Every you tweet on Twitter you remind the people of your existence. People on Twitter judge the people they follow through their post and once when they found it uninteresting they will unfollow you. That is why it is very important to be judicious in your posts and think through what you are saying on Twitter.

Inactivity and irrelevant Tweets

Some other reasons why people leave your account are being inactive and posting irrelevant tweets. People on Twitter are looking for interesting and fresh information. If you are just a one-timer user, well Twitter will surely not work for you. When you decide to use Twitter you have to commit yourself to it.

Tracking unfollowers can be frustrating.

It is truly depressing knowing someone stopped reading your stuff. If you can’t handle to see those people who are flying away from your account, just leave it there unseen. Because it can be a cause of your frustration and worst, you will decide to leave Twitter as well. Only loser do that.

Do not email someone who unfollow you

Please, keep yourself away from trouble and hurting words. Never email or phone someone and ask why they stopped following you. It is totally a dead moment, and beside it is awkward and embarrassing. Respect other people’s decision, who knows they will come back in time. Not all people who unfollow you have the same reasons why they do it.

Tips on how to decrease unfollowers

Everyone understands how much you treasure your followers, well to keep them within your reach, here are some few tips.

- Figure out the things you want to tweet, it is helpful for them or not?

- Be controversial all the time, but it doesn’t mean you will post rated links and photos on Twitter.

- Engage with your followers most of the time, show to them that you are willing to make connections with them.

- And lastly, be generous with your actions and words. Always practice social-networking etiquette.

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